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Hello JavaScript/TypeScript developers 👋

Welcome to the JSTools Weekly newsletter, and glad to have you here.💛

From issue 2023#49 onwards, the Top JSTools section, which included new releases of JavaScript tools, will no longer be published.

The reason for this decision is that developers can subscribe to new releases through GitHub by watching the GitHub repositories and get notified as soon as new releases are released.

Would you like to be updated every week on the latest JavaScript repositories?

Why did I create this newsletter? 🙂

Did you know that in November 2023 alone, more than 650,000 JavaScript or TypeScript repositories were published on GitHub?!

Surprisingly, this number is increasing exponentially! That is the reason why I created this newsletter.

Countless open source JavaScript tools are being released every day, which is exhausting to follow! So I thought that it would be great to make a newsletter so that I can compile a selection of useful JavaScript or TypeScript repositories and send it to those who are interested.

Why JavaScript? 🔥

The answer is simple because JavaScript is everywhere! No matter what language you write in or what kind of developer you are, JavaScript is always present wherever you go. Client-side programming (React, Vue, Angular), server side (Node, Deno, Bun), desktop software development (Electron, Tauri), mobile app (React Native), game development (PixiJS, Phaser, Babylon), Robotics, IoT (Cylon, Favor IoT.js)

Why are there three parts? 😮

At first, I didn't plan to make it into three parts, but then I saw that I had no other choice. Because the number of JavaScript repositories is very large, therefore there are many interesting and useful tools that need to be categorized and I did it this way.

There are many tools that are well-known and widely used, such as JavaScript libraries or frameworks or runtimes, which have been used by millions of programmers for many years to build web applications, such as React, Vue, Node , etc. Each of these well-known tools are updated with new versions, some daily, some weekly, monthly and yearly! 🤦‍♀️

That's why I thought it would be great to create a newsletter for that. So I check the update list of these tools every week and see which ones have been updated in the last week, and then sort them in the order of their popularity and send them.

Well, then I thought that it would be great to collect a list of tools that have grown more than other tools in the last week in the next part. What I mean by more growth is actually to check how many stars each tool got in the last week according to the stars it had on GitHub and compare it with other tools.

The main factor is actually this because it helps to identify tools that are less known but attract more attention to themselves. In this way, tools that are well-known and get more stars due to their popularity are not included in the first choice, even if they have received several thousand during the last week. Of course, the tools are selected carefully and the amount of other activities is also considered. 😉

In the end, the obvious thing! Many people like to stay updated on the latest new JavaScript repositories that have been released by developers on GitHub in the past week. So it is necessary to have another part for these tools!

For this part, I will collect the list of JavaScript or TypeScript repositories that were released exactly last week and then I will check them based on how useful they are, how much activity they have and how many stars they got.

Would you like to be updated every week on the latest JavaScript repositories?

Why is this newsletter unique? 🧐

Because it is comprehensive and special! How?

  • Using the GitHub API, we check all the JavaScript repositories that have been published on GitHub since the birth of GitHub (2008). That means millions! We do not miss even a single repo. 👌

  • We even check the repositories that cannot be easily found in the GitHub search itself through filtering based on the programming language.

    Because when you search based on the language filter in GitHub, the list that is displayed to you is actually the repositories with the largest amount of programming code written, but there are repositories that have the most HTML or CSS code, for example, and JavaScript has a smaller share. That's why these repositories are in the list with HTML or CSS language filter, not JavaScript or TypeScript.

  • We are the only JavaScript repository newsletter. Until now, no special newsletter related to JavaScript repositories has been published, except for this newsletter of course! 😉

  • We cover a wide range of JavaScript repositories. That is, you have the latest news of the release of the tools you use, the tools that are growing the most, and the tools that are new every week in your email inbox. ✉

How can you help me? 💛

  • This newsletter is new, so it is possible that it has shortcomings and problems, but you can help me to improve it. You can also send an email and write your opinion in the comments section.

  • A lot of time and energy is spent every week to create and maintain this newsletter, by sharing it and informing your friends, we can help the growth of this newsletter. We also have a Twitter page.

  • Don't forget to subscribe 💛

Thank you for reading this far and taking your time, I hope that you all can get something useful from this newsletter and that it has helped you save your time.

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